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Favourite Tables - restaurant reviews of the top restaurants by normal people

About Favourite Tables

Our ethos is about places people love – always has been, always will be.

We know that most people choose where to eat based on recommendations from friends and family, a social interaction – a Social Marketplace

Favourite Tables is just that – our recommendations and reviews are from people who love where they go and go back to.

The popularity of each Favourite Tables restaurant is assured on the Social Marketplace and through the restaurant reviews they receive.

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Sharing your favourite tables is easy. Let us know your details, so we can give you a virtual pat on the back for finding such a great place to eat, fill in the simple form and we shall do the rest. You can even add photos if you have them.

And if you want to checkout some of the others reviews, you will find them separated geographically … UK and Europe, USA and the Rest of the World. So if you find yourself in a new part of the world, favourite tables will show you places that our reviewers think are special enough to share with friends.

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Latest News from Favourite Tables - restaurant reviews

Latest News

Our trusty Jack Russell “Bistro” has been ferreting around for interesting bits of News … this is what he has found this week:

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Chef's Table - restaurant reviews by guest reviewers

Chef’s Table

We have been asking some of the worlds top chefs to tell us about their Favourite Tables, where do they love to eat and enjoy spending time, apart from when hard at work in their own restaurants of course.

Chef’s tables are the places they have recommended and want to share with us.

Read the latest Chef’s Table here.

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