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What the best dressed chefs are wearing this season….

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When in the kitchen at FT Towers, Lady FT has a small collection of aprons to choose from. Well that was until recently when just one more was added to her collection and will now probably take the place of them all.  Lady FT was keen to point out that, there are aprons and then there are aprons. One’s that hang in your mother’s kitchen, the sparkling white one’s in the grandest of restaurant kitchens and then you have FAT PUNK aprons and these are something special and are being seen in all the best places.

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Created in collaboration with Oliver Harvey, these fabulous aprons, with its own inimitable version of skull and crossbones (well skull and knives!)  have been modelled by Tom Kerridge, etc….. and here at FT we love them!

Denim and leather in pale grey or black, these would impress not only in a professional kitchen but in any kitchen – “apart from being a thing of beauty, these are functional too – a perfect combination!” said Lady FT…..

You can see them on www.fatpunkstudio.com