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What is FirePod

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On our recent visit to the Taste Of London held at Tobacco Docks in East London we came across an innovative product that was conceived high in the Italian Alps. The Firepod is a gas-powered stone-baked pizza oven. It’s portable, easy to clean, and makes perfect pizzas in minutes. But this magical piece of kit is much more than that!  If you’re not in the mood for pizza, simply replace the stone with a griddle for cooking sausages, pancakes and the like. You can even use it to boil a kettle for a cup of tea. How versatile is that? Coming very soon is a Lava Stone which can be used in situ, or heated up and taken to your table for cooking on.

griddle lava-stone-1 uses-5 hot-rocks


The evening of our visit it was very cold in London. However, the guys on the FirePod stand were very enthusiastic about these colourful little ovens. We did suggest that they may think about having a couple running to warm the cold night air…and give away a few “perfect pizzas”


‘Anyone for pizza?’ is a question that’s rarely answered with a no, but, more often than not, we’re presented with a disappointing, doughy wedge. It doesn’t have to be this way – just take it from David Coward and Tim Henderson, Firepod creators and pizza lovers.  Ski instructing in the Italian Alps, David noticed how often colleagues and customers would skip a four-star fine dining in local restaurants and head out instead for a pizza. Why was that? Why are those pizzas so irresistible?  He made it his mission to find out.

He discovered three things: Firstly, of course a great pizza needs great ingredients. Secondly authentic pizzas get their uniqueness from the use a real stone oven base, and finally each pizza must be baked in roaring hot temperatures. With that information at their fingertips, David and Tim teamed up with an award-winning Surrey based product design company. After two of years of designing, testing, modifying and perfecting, The Firepod emerged. Having a porous stone base FirePod absorbs moisture giving you that sought-after crispy crust. As for temperature, the innovative design can achieve the needed 600°F – 650°F (not hotter as is often believed, the dough needs to time to rise in the oven) for perfect pizzas whereas a regular household oven reaches only around 400°F.

Lady FT is hankering for one – so it won’t be long before it’s in FT Towers…….

If like us you are captivated by this neat product and you want to assist FirePod get off the ground, why not help them with their Kickstarter program. The team are ready to go and looking to start shipping early 2017. The funds from Kickstarter will help accelerate matters.

You can find out more here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/18616555/the-firepod


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Autumn/Winter Newsletter for Restaurants

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  1. The Roster of Great Restaurants Continues to Grow

  2. Now in their third year on Favourite Tables

  3. Chef’s Table a very popular Read

  4. Some great restaurants and gastropubs are “not on the high street”

  5. #FTbadboys a fun Twitter Photo Competition

  6. Coming soon FTbadboy Burgers and Sausage Rolls


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Favourite Tables at the Italian Embassy…again!!

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Imagine our excitement at being invited to the Italian Embassy again ( Chefs Table with Danilo)

The invitation said:  screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-16-58-11

The occasion:  MasterChef The Professionals 2015 finalist and head chef at the Italian Embassy in London Danilo Cortellini would be launching his new cook book




‘4 Grosvenor Square’, the first cook book from Danilo Cortellini is a celebration of his time at the Italian Embassy in London, featuring recipes that reflect the day-to-day life at the Embassy; from business lunches to grand gala dinners and family meals to drinks receptions.

The reception was attended by world famous chefs, television celebrities, food writers and critics who all welcomed the fresh approach Danilo has applied to his book. Chef’s family and friends where also on hand to lend support.


reception_01 ambassidor_01 chefs_01 family_01


The hardback book contains authentic Italian dishes using some of the finest produce available. Featured dishes include some of the Ambassadors personal favourites; multi-coloured burrata tortellini with Sicilian red prawns in a smoked artichoke broth; Veal Cheek “pizzaiola”, and a Pumpkin panna cotta with apples and mosto cotto.

danilo_01 pumpkin-panna-cotta1 veal-cheek-pizzaiola2

You can read about Danilo’s culinary career in his “Chef’s Table Interview

The book is divided sections that reflect the running of the embassy based on style of occasion instead. This provides an insight on how Danilo plans his menus at the Italian Embassy, and how certain recipes are perfect for particular events. If you are looking to impress someone at home, each dish is applicable to home cooking and home kitchens. Nothing is regimented in this book, and Danilo encourages you to experiment and interpret dishes and elements of recipes as you like.

Danilo says: “I never underestimate the comforting side of food and cooking is truly an act of care and love. He is a great believer in using quality produces and also an advocate of not wasting food. A section of his book is dedicated to supporting the food charity Food Cycle (@foodcycle) and the work they do supporting people at risk of food poverty and social isolation.


Despite no Ferrero Rocher.. the evening was a great success and we wish Danilo every success with his book “4 Grosvenor Square” – the address of the Embassy if you were wondering.

cheers_danilo embassy_07 embassy_08 embassy_09 embassy_food_cycle



4 Grosvenor Square is published in English and Italian and available for pre-order from Amazon now with general released on 30th November from Waterstones and all good book shops. RRP: £25.00.



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