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“you have to hand it to some customers”

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“If you wanna have a meal cooked by a Michelin chef who’s gone out of his way to do food differently, not just copying the big boys, get your arse down to Brown&Bean,” says chef Anton Piotrowski. Oh and bring your hands, if the Evening Standard headline is to be believed


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‘For goodness sake, buy some plates!’ Masterchef winner’s new restaurant serves food directly onto diners’ hands

Chef Anton Piotrowski, BBC MasterChef winner and former head chef at the Treby Arms, where he won and retained a Michelin star for three years. commented: “Bad publicity is good publicity, I guess,” he says. “The proof is that Brown & Bean has been fully booked since we opened two weeks ago”. Anton and two close friends run the trendy Plymouth restaurant which has an a la carte lunch menu and two-course deal during the day plus a £45.00 nine-course taster menu in the evenings.

We do serve food on plates!!!


Brown&Bean_06 Brown&Bean_09

It’s just for the first dish: “The rest of the eight courses are served on plates,” he exclaims. “That first course is called ‘how the chef tastes’ and it’s designed to make customers feel comfortable and relaxed. You eat it almost like you would treat a tequila slammer. It’s a burnt apple sauce with Szechuan pork, pickled white beetroot and radish topped with apple blossom that we put on your hand, then underneath there’s a plate filled with pork gravy, goat’s curd and dill oil with a bit of soft bread – you lick the apple off your hand then use the bread to wipe up the sauce.”


It’s not that different from eating fast food, he reckons. You don’t think twice about no plates at McDonalds or in KFC where the slogan is ‘finger lickin’ good’. “You’ve got many cuisines around the world that people eat with their fingers.


The restaurant now has international media, Radio and TV stations all scheduling to interview chef and even ITV’s This Morning have put in a call.




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