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What does Courtesy, Respect and Common Decency have to do with eating out?

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Does it really matter that you have booked three restaurants for the same time and date. You will then see how you feel on the night as to which one you will actually dine at. The other two… if you feel like it you may call and say “sorry it’s late notice, but we’re not coming” or just not show up.

You don’t really need to show any respect for the restaurants that you “No Show” Your table of 4. Not turning up has no real effect on the staff that have been prepping food, the front of house staff that will be working that night to insure YOU have a great time when you arrive and as for the owners/chefs that take a hit on the turnover, what does that matter to you.

You don’t need to be polite to the “Staff” whilst you have a meal and a few glasses of really nice wine. Their there to be at your beck and call, after all you pay their wages. So you don’t need to show any common decency. So when they don’t jump the second you click your fingers your free to shout at them or belittle them.

And as for any really nice cutlery, plates, bespoke ornaments, napkins, candles or anything else that’s not nailed down, it’s perfectly fine to put these in your pocket or handbag and take.

But wait a minute….. that does not sound like YOU, you would never do any of those things. So why is all of the above on the increase.

Mark Greenaway introduces booking fee after “450 no shows or cancellations in one month”

as reported by BigHospitality.

Kenny Atkinson Chef/Owner of House of Tide had item stolen and his staff abused by the diners seen on CCTV:

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 12.59.00

In the Caterer its reported:

Valentine’s Day no-shows ‘crippling’ independent restaurants

With Damian Wawrzyniak, owner of House of Feasts, Peterborough, launching his own campaign to combat no-shows after revealing they cost his business about £3,000 in just one weekend. His #StopNoShow campaign has gained a lot of support from chefs and restaurants. Many now considering installing expensive booking platforms to take Credit Card details, Deposits or advanced Tickets. Online reservations provider OpenTable’s has strengthened it’s policy so that, if a diner doesn’t show up for a reservation four times in 12 months, they will be prohibited from making future reservations.

But all this does not really matter, why because it’s not YOU, is it.

To paraphrase Michael Jackson maybe YOU should “talk to the man in the mirror”

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 18.26.43



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