Favourite Tables

Your Restaurant: Getting Started

So why join Favourite Tables?

Our ethos is about places people love – always has been, always will be.

We know that most people choose where to eat based on recommendations from friends and family, a social interaction. Favourite Tables is just that – our recommendations and reviews are from people who love where they go and go back to. The popularity of each Favourite Tables restaurant is assured on the Social Marketplace.

How to list your Restaurant, Café or Bistro

  • Use the Facebook Connect on the next page to login
  • Enter the Facebook business page for your restaurant – wait while we do a quick criteria check
  • Now select your city from the drop down list and pick an available Marketing Square
  • Complete the profile for your restaurant (see guidance notes)
  • Confirm the £100 flat fee for your chosen Marketing Square
  • Your chosen square is reserved and your restaurant listing will be live within 24Hr


How it Works

The listed cities each have groups of marketing squares on a Social Marketplace. Use your restaurants Facebook page to login (not your personal page) meeting the simple criteria will take you to the next page.

Minimum Criteria

Your restaurant must have its own Facebook page with a minimum of 300 “likes” For restaurant groups/chains each location must have 300 or the group page total “likes” divided by the number of locations should equate to an average of 300 per location.

On the Social Marketplace

Diners when looking for somewhere to try want to receive assured recommendations that the dining experience has been loved by others friends, family or virtual friends.

Being listed on the Favourite Tables social marketplace gives that assurance for your restaurant.