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Bistro Deluxe by Paul Tamburrini

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Restaurant in Edinburgh: Bistro Deluxe by Paul Tamburrini

Bistro Deluxe by Paul Tamburrini at Macdonald Holyrood Hotel delivers a fine dining experience in a comfortably chic and stylish setting. With uniquely sourced Scottish ingredients and fresh local produce, our restaurant offers a repertoire of French classics interpreted by Chef Tamburrini and influenced by his passion for exceptional dishes and the Master Chefs under whom he has trained. The menu is kept seasonal with a rotating set of specials in the dining room while intriguing appetizers offer a lighter bite. Inventive vegetables on the side, homemade desserts at the end, fresh squeezed juice cocktails and enticing and eclectic wine options allow you to craft your own dining journey.


Bistro Deluxe by Paul Tamburrini Bistro Deluxe by Paul Tamburrini Tamburrini_005 Tamburrini_007 Tamburrini_006


Bistro Deluxe by Paul Tamburrini sample menu HERE


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