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Black Roe

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Restaurant in London: Black Roe

Black Roe in the heart of Mayfair, brings the finest Pacific Rim cuisine. The restaurant is backed by Kurt Zdesar owner of the successful Chotto Matte in Soho.
This 60 seat restaurant, features moody grey walls and a few luxury touches such as distressed wood and leather finishes.
At the front of the restaurant Black Roe’s crowning glory is Poke Bar from which chefs expertly serves up raw fish, fresh seafood and oysters. The Poke menu features a Hawaiian marinated raw fish dish with fresh, exotic flavours.

The Grill serves a wide variety meats cooked on Hawaiian wood grills. Cocktails and a wide selection of wines by the glass are also served at the relaxed bar.
Downstairs a large chef’s table can be booked for up to 20 guests.  The table extends into the centre of the open kitchen and is lined by large glass tanks filled with the freshest live seafood.

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