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Chutney Mary

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Restaurant in London: Chutney Mary

Recognising the opportunity to redefine Indian cuisine, the founders of Chutney Mary opened their restaurant on the trendy King’s Road in 1990. It soon became a culinary landmark, known for its sophisticated, contemporary take on traditional regional Indian cuisine. Following 25 glorious years in Chelsea, Chutney Mary has now moved to its new home in St. James’s Street. It now features a completely new set of menus to suit every time of the day, mood and taste.

Reinventing traditional dishes is an ongoing process, with the chefs consistently setting new trends with modern spins on conventional dishes. It is a learned, as well as a gastronomic adventure dining here, whilst it has provided a fond and endearing legacy for its regular patrons and has taken regional cuisine classics to new levels. Chutney Mary showcases an eclectic mix of authentic Indian design and contemporary style in a glamourous yet timeless setting.

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