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House of Feasts

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Restaurant in Unique Destinations: House of Feasts

House of Feasts, was open in June 2017 by Chef Damian Wawrzyniak, who recently served his specialities to The British Royal Family, Baked with Celebrity Baker – Mary Berry & has experience working in some of the World’s Best Restaurants including Noma. Damian cooking is all about simple ingredients turned in to culinary gems. Harvesting seasonal products, preserving, curing, ageing and extending the seasons as long as possible. 

Chef celebrates local suppliers, producers and uses their own garden as much as possible.

House of Feasts will bring a completely new way of creating menus. 

Menus Themes will change every three months. Chef will travel every three months to run food development within some of the Worlds Finest Kitchens. Learning new cooking techniques which will form part of the Global Cuisine menus, cooked the House of Feasts way.



House of Feasts sample menu HERE





House of Feasts House of Feasts House of Feasts HOFMarch_001



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