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Inamo Soho

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Restaurant in London: Inamo Soho

Inamo Soho is like no other restaurant company. We create pioneering Asian fusion restaurants influenced by the flavours and dishes of Japan, China, Korea, Thailand and beyond. Whilst the core of inamo is great food & drink, we are passionate about creating a point of difference delivering an experience for the diner that brings a sense of fun to add to the flavour.

Our technology gives diners complete control of their dining experience. In addition to being able to place orders at their convenience from an illustrated food and drinks menu, customers can also set their table ambience by changing the table background, view the inamo chefs working in real time using the ‘Chef Cam’ function play games (such as pong and memory), and much more.





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Inamo Soho Sample Menu HERE



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Games Room – Event Space

inamo has always been inspired by technology, great food, and interactive fun. The Games Room is the next stage of our evolution – bringing a unique private area to the heart of Soho with its own bar and private dining options. Double wall projections span more than 150 inches, there’s a choice of over 150 games on popular games consoles, and up to 8 players can game simultaneously. Yes, it’s massive.

playing_mario_kart_in_the_inamo_games_room games_room_dining_setup Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 10.51.51