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The Bull - Beaumaris

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Restaurant in Unique Destinations: The Bull – Beaumaris

A combination of mouth-watering food in either the fine dining Loft Restaurant or popular Brasserie, along with five star accommodation has earned the Bull a reputation as a destination in its own right.

The elegant Loft restaurant offers you a memorable dining experience. A place where you can sit back and indulge in Andy Tabberner’s award winning combinations of local food with imaginative ingredients. Begin your evening in the relaxing lounge where we serve your canapés and drinks; then make your way up to the elegant Loft to continue your mouth-watering experience.


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The modern Brasserie is our more casual restaurant where you can tuck into plates of local seafood, tasty salads or Welsh Beef burgers. It’s a joy to eat in during the summer with the sun beaming in through the open stable doors or in the winter next to the roaring fire.

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Choose to rest your head in either the characterful Coaching Inn with original beams, snug lounge and contemporary fabrics or in The Townhouse, the trendy boutique hotel next door where every bedroom lives and breathes a colour.

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