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The Lavender

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Restaurant in London: The Lavender

The former Lavender Pub was acquired by an Italian food loving family who have achieved their aim of transforming it into an Italian restaurant with character specialising in authentic food and wine from   Italy’s Abruzzo region . The Lavender offers a relaxing dining experience away from the stress and speed of the city, delivering some of Italy’s finest food sourced directly from small producers using traditional recipes re-invented by our chefs.


We pride ourselves in offering you exceptional ingredients, simply cooked and second to none.
The ingredients used in our kitchen are always fresh. We select our fish, seafood and meat from Billingsgate and Smithfield markets several times a week so the menu may slightly vary according to season and availability.
Our food is freshly cooked to order so we kindly request your patience. Please sit back, relax and have a drink, we promise we will be as quick as possible.




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