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The Salt Room

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Restaurant in Brighton: The Salt Room

The Salt Room is a modern British seafood and grill restaurant.  Our focus centres on celebrating the Fruits of the Sea, delivering the finest seafood and grilled meat cooked over charcoal to the table.  Our emphasis being on sustainability, championing local produce and continuing the ethos of sharing plates like its sister restaurant, The Coal Shed.

Located opposite the West Pier, this seaside dining retreat has uninterrupted sea views that can be enjoyed from the inside via its glass fronted windows and for when the temperatures rise, outside on its shaded terrace.


At the bar you’re able to choose from one of the innovative cocktails or something from the extensive wine list whilst you wait for a table to sample some of the delights…



The Salt Room_ Afternoon Tea_2


Our New menu available HERE




Salt Room - Cuttlefish - PWF - 0055 salt-room-beef-tartare-0020-29 salt-room-fish-burger-0093-2-30 salt-room-fruits-of-the-sea-0077-2-31


Salt Room - Apple Fritters - 0216 saltroom_08 The Salt Room, Count's Plantation Cocktail _2263 salt-room-gurnard-0154-34 salt-room-lamb-roast-0162-2-32