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The West House

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Restaurant in Unique Destinations: The West House

The West House Restaurant is one of only a few restaurants in Kent to hold a Michelin star.

A small family-run restaurant, housed in a 15th Century weaver’s cottage in the picturesque village of Biddenden in Kent ‘the garden of England’ Giving the restaurant the ability to be seasonal and local ingredient-focused with the abundance of choice from an amazing larder provided by the fields, farms and shoreline of Kent. The driving force in the contemporary kitchen is depth and purity of flavour so when certain desirable ingredients are not found locally these are sourced from specialist suppliers such as a wonderful olive oil from Southern Italy

The West House, opened by Graham and Jackie Garrett in 2002 gained a Michelin star after its first year and has held it ever since. With Graham at the stoves, he and his small team have created that rare thing, a perfect local restaurant, many people’s favourite secret food destination, and the subject of many a pilgrimage.



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The Holder of a Michelin Star Star_rating


The West House sample menu HERE


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