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Winteringham Fields

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Restaurant in Hull & Beverley: Winteringham Fields

Winteringham Fields has now reached that point in its evolution when the frequency of raw materials that are available to us dictates our offerings. These ingredients will not wait, the minute by minute nature of our produce creates a series of dishes individual to our table and menu journey.

In order to create a uniquely seasonal dining experience my team and I spend time planning our menu based on the produce that is best at each seasonal juncture, so sit back and prepare to delight in a journey through our farm, please enjoy your personal experience of my Winteringham Fields.

Our cuisine is based on using the best fresh produce available to us here and now in Winteringham. Through our amazing local suppliers as well as producers in other parts of the world, we garner inspiration from everything we encounter. The producers we work with are meticulously selected, they produce something we like. Our menus and drink offering – like the fresh produce are living and change with the seasons.

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Chef’s Table for Colin McGurran Here