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Boiler Room – Omaha

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The Boiler Room is a stunning restaurant in the heart of the Old Market area of Omaha. It’s not a cheap bite to eat but it will never disappoint you.

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Being in the middle of the states, finding decent seafood can be a struggle but this restaurant certainly knows what they’re doing. Fresh fish and seafood is flown in daily (never, ever frozen). Their menu is exquisite and has a huge European influence. I think this comes from both the French owners and the German/American head chef.

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The atmosphere is very romantic and the decor is a fine balance of industrial and chic.


Divino Wine & Cheese Bistro – Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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I have eaten at this restaurant in Calgary a number of times and felt compelled to write a review for any residents or would be visitors to Calgary.

The name can be misleading in that this is far more than a wine and cheese bistro, serving up some of the best dishes in Calgary.

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Main Course – I have visited the restaurant on four occasions in the past twelve months and while I am normally adventurous in my restaurant food choices, I’m afraid that when it comes to the main course selection I am unable to see past the rack of lamb option.  I like my lamb cooked “medium” and not only are the cuts succulent but they are thick in form which enhances the juicy taste of every bite.  Some day I hope to go a little crazy and try some of the other main course options. If the lamb rack is anything to go by then the other options could be worth the wait!

Starters – In general, I am a big fan of all things Seafood as well as all Ravioli options.  The “Foie Gras Ravioli: and “Butter Poached Ravioli” are my favourite starter options and my wife really enjoyed the pork belly options.

Wine – The Bollini Pinot Grigio worked well with the Ravioli option and The Zinfandel and Malbec options were a great company for the rack of lamb.


All in all a great experience I am looking forward to my next visit.


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113 – 8th Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta
Reservations phone: 403-410-5555