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Look what we discovered in Soho…..

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We were recently invited to a “Private” event in a Soho basement. The only information shared with us was that multiple guests could interact at the same time…

Yes we were intrigued!!!!

It turns out that the creative team at Inamo Restaurants had invited favourite tables to the Interactive Private Dining/Event video games room…phew

To be found below the Inamo Soho restaurant (http://www.favouritetables.com/restaurant/inamo-soho/ )

Inamo has always been inspired by technology, great food, and interactive fun. The Games Room is the next stage in that evolution. A unique private area to the heart of Soho with its own bar and private dining options. Double wall projections span more than 150 inches, there’s a choice of over 150 games on popular games consoles, and up to 8 players can game simultaneously. Yes, it’s massive.

A fantastic fun and flexible location for kids and adults alike! A sneak preview video can be seen below showing the projectors in action.


For an evening with your colleagues or a birthday party with a difference, the Games Room is the perfect location. Featuring 2 x PS4s, 2 x Wiis, and Atari gold for retro games, with Chromecast & Apple TV, you can play, drink, eat, sing(for those of a Karaoke persuasion!), watch TV (e.g. live sports), and even project your own content onto the walls for a private presentation, screening, or just showing off your favourite images, videos & music. Perhaps just a games night taking on your mates at Fifa18 on one projector, and watching a live football match on the second, or Wii tennis and a Grand Slam?

Contact Maria, the Party Manager, by email to events@inamo-restaurant.com or call 020 7484 0500.

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Is this the “Perfect” answer to eating out on a Sunday with young children?

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The very creative team at Mommi are about to launch “Kids Corner” during their Sunday Lunch and Brunch service times. So what is Kids Corner we hear you ask? As any parent will know, dining out with 1 or 2 “ankle biters” – to quote Mrs Doubtfire – in your party, can from time to time become, shall we say challenging.

The little darlings can become bored with sitting still, eating their meal and finishing the main before dessert. A single sheet of A4 and a few dodgy crayons is not going to keep them “entertained” for long while you try to appreciate the culinary masterpiece Mommi are presenting you with. If only you could have your own private Children’s Entertainer on hand. Well, abracadabra!! An innovative,  clever link-up between Mommi and The Kids Table does just that!

Children will be entertained in a purpose designed area of the restaurant in the pop-up children’s corner service for restaurants run by fully vetted and validated The Kids Table personnel. The team will keep an eye on the nippers while they enjoy craft, games and face painting; meaning mums and dads can enjoy a long leisurely lunch…and finish a sentence. And what delights are on offer, check out the menus HERE


Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 16.02.41 IMG_1555-Edit-Mommi-Low-Res-Proofs-600x450


A soft launch with a dedicated Friends & Family day, on Sunday 23rd September,  gives you not only the opportunity to enjoy some fabulous food but also to enjoy a 25% discount off your bill.

By invite only – contact hello@wearemommi.com to get you and your Mini Mommi’s on the mate’s only list. Just don’t tell everyone at the school gates!!


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Had the most amazing mind blowing meal last night.


Indian tapas…… every single dish was full of taste and flavour… a taste sensation.  Beautifully presented and served.


Staff were very friendly and informative about the dishes.  Understood what we liked and advised accordingly.  I could not pick out a favourite dish, but “must try” are the Fried Chicken, the Bhel puri, raw mango, tamarind, sev, yogurt, Butter garlic crab, seaweed papad and the samphire pakoras, date & tamarind chutney, chilli garlic mayonnaise.

Kricket_01 Kricket_03 Kricket Kricket_09 Kricket_04

Very reasonable prices and a lovely vibrant restaurant. Felt very at home and comfortable, could have stayed all evening.

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Adam Gray and B&H’s cocktails – a perfect combination!

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Cocktails paired with food – what’s not to love.  Mr FT and I had the pleasure of dining at Adam Gray’s new culinary home and what a gorgeous new home it is.  Adam is bringing his inimitable brand of wonderfully prepared food to the B&H home, which will bring a welcome addition to this very classy establishment.  The bright and busy main bar area, beautifully decorated, leads into the main restaurant area where gorgeously comfortable chairs gives you a view into the atrium, offering an intimate, warm room to dine in.

IMG_5942 IMG_5943

The welcome is just as classy as the place itself and the service, discreet, knowledgeable and so enthusiastic at what Adam is doing, has obviously created an already solid team spirit.

Cocktails – oh my!! Figberry Jazz – please spoil yourselves when you visit! Uber yum and I am afraid to say has replaced my beloved mojito!  But, the cocktail team at B&H ask why deny yourself the opportunity to try another specially selected cocktail that will perfectly match your chosen menu.  So how could we refuse!

IMG_5944 IMG_5946

The sublime rabbit and hazelnut terrine with cox’s apple and rainbow carrot salad was paired with the Three Wise Men, triple malt scotch, vermouth and Campari stirred with prune liquor.  Wisdom may not prevail if you have more than one of these.  The warmth and hint of sharpness cut through the richness of the rabbit complementing the dish completely.

IMG_5948 IMG_5949

Mr FT’s starter of poached salmon with crisp fennel, lime salad and yogurt dressing arrived with a Quincy Collins, Rathbone’s New London Dry Gin, with quince liquer, fresh lemon and soda.  Like the dish itself, this was clean, crisp and fresh.

Adam’s determination to use ingredients that he sources and trusts is something that is obviously of paramount importance to him.  Great produce, beautifully cooked was the thought that came to mind when presented with a roasted Cornish plaice, which had arrived that very morning.  The parsley sauce, iron rich, cut through the soft plaice whilst never detracting from the beauty of the dish itself.  Served simply with some rainbow chard, no extras were needed.  No cocktail this time, but a glass of Plo d’isobelle Picpoul de Pinet, a gorgeously rich wine from the Languedoc.


To Mr FT’s delight, the roasted saddleback pork chop, served with black pudding (which he could not stop talking about!) served with carrots, apple and port gravy made him very happy!  All I saw was an empty plate (apart from the chop bone!)   A beautifully crisp Petit-Chablis was well chosen to complement this dish.



In between all of this gorgeousness, we had the added bonus of the equally gorgeous Nicki, another recent addition to the B&H family.  It was one of those times where you feel as though you have known one another for ages which is no doubt part of her charm and I feel we may have taken up far too much of her time talking about much more than food and restaurants!  One thing which did delight us was the fact that dogs are welcome in the bar area – which is great news for our cockapoo Alfie, who loves to be out and about and be admired.


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