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Superhero in Brighton

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Well his suit anyway. The Batsuit worn by Christian Bale in The Dark Knight rises will be on display at Brighton Museum’s fashion and style gallery for a month from today.


So if you plan to take the kids down to see it (Taking the kids is always a good excuse) you may want to check-out some of the great restaurants in the area, heres a few that Mrs. FT gives her stamp of approval to:

Silo, http://www.favouritetables.com/restaurant/silo/ slightly off the beaten track but you will pat yourself on the back for making the effort…

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The Salt Room, http://www.favouritetables.com/restaurant/the-salt-room/ Right on the sea front with outside tables if weather permits.

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64 Degrees, http://www.favouritetables.com/restaurant/64-degrees/ Have the chef cook your plates of food and then deliver them straight to you. Located in the middle of the “lanes: area of Brighton.


All of the above are bookable direct from the Favourite Tables Website.

Finally, a recent addition to Mrs. FT’s approved list, The Set restaurant. As part of the Artists Residence in Regency Square and with a great Cocktail bar next door it well worth the stroll.


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Douglas McMaster on Pirate Ships, Jam Jars and Zero Waste

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Douglas McMaster spent 6 years cooking in some of U.K’s best restaurants including St John bread and wine. In 2009 he won the BBC Young Chef of the Year and in 2012 he took the title of Britain‘s Most Irreverent Young Chef at the YBF’s (Young British Foodies) in London. When we spoke to Douglas we asked if he remembered meeting us back in 2009. He struggled for a minute until we reminded him he was one of our guests, along with DJ Calvin Harris, at an event in a £5M house in Belgravia  “oh yer that was a brilliant night”

His appetite to learn the latest culinary skills lead to him working his way around the best restaurants in the world gaining knowledge and experience that has developed his unique cooking style.

In 2012, whilst in Australia, Douglas opened Silo by Joost in Melbourne and now has opened his own U.K based Silo in Brighton.


This innovative zero waste restaurant is receiving glowing customer reviews and outstanding media coverage. Some comments are about the refurbished furniture, drinks in old jam jars and plastic plates made from old carrier bags.

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But most are in praise of the stunning food:

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We asked if he has one particular restaurant that helped define the way he cooks?

Whilst this wasn’t the first, the kitchen at St John Bread and Wine was the most important kitchen that I trained in. St John cuts away all the irrelevant crap and only focuses on cooking quality ingredients with a carefully considered technique. It changed what cooking was in my eyes and still defines every plate of food I serve.

Can you tell us more about Dougie McMaster “the naked chef”?

Once upon a time, I was working in a kitchen with a gallery style window that customers looked at the kitchen like a fish tank. It was a 2 michelin star kitchen and it was a busy Saturday. To raise money for charity we were sponsored to work with just our aprons and chefs hats, during service.  There was 10 of us in the kitchen and it got a bit heated, needless to say there were a few laughs…

What innovative ideas can diners at Silo expect to find on their plates currently?

I still find  the versatility of onions fascinating and I’m currently dabbling in dehydrated onion powder as a seasoning. Freshly milled wheat is a world unto its own, in the same way wine and coffee are such a vast subjects, the world of milling shouldn’t be underestimated. As for techniques I’m ever so curious about the liquor created from hydrating de-hydrated food. For example we are dehydrating parsnips then re-hydrating them in apple juice creating a liquid that’s truly delicious and unique. We have also had some great results using local pears including making a pear cider.

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What do you have planned for Silo and the zero waste eco-system?

I’d love to have different Silo ‘satellites’ across Brighton; a Silo urban cheese room that creates all its cheese from milk that would have otherwise been wasted – coffee houses accumulate vast amounts of waste milk, a  bean to bar chocolate shop that has cacao pods delivered by a carbon zero transport (Pirate ship), a wine bar that has no wine bottles – all straight from the barrel, a coffee roastery that is powered by bio-fuel created from coffee waste…  all done with zero waste. I have this idea of a small scale city food system that can demonstrate how a cleverly conceived set of businesses could generate a whole food system that supports the surrounding eco-systems while nourishing the masses.

Finally, where are your Favourite Tables?

There are certain places that have influenced me, including eating at St John,  Noma & Mugaritz restaurants. They exemplify important ideas with meticulous craft and attention. Their contemporary approach allowed my mind to open, question the status quo and express my thoughts through the medium of food. If i had to pick one particular eating ‘moment’ i’d have to say the first time I ate the ‘blood cake & duck egg’ at St john bread and wine. Creating something so delicious from something so taboo…genius.

And what about now, when you get the chance to take your apron off (not a reference to the “naked chef”) where do you like to eat.

If I’m in London and get the chance I will go to St John Bread and Wine renowned for its nose to tail principles and I just love the atmosphere here. The buzz of this place is just great.

Locally in Brighton I like 64 Degrees not exactly a Chef’s Tables set up but I love that diners can get near the pass and look into the kitchen as the chefs prepare the meals. The “sharing” nature of the meals gives the place a brilliant vibe.


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