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Winners at Thai Cookery School

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Thaikhun – Cambridge

Saturday 9th January saw the first Thai cookery lessons take place at Thaikhun in Cambridge and favourite tables had our competition winners there learning how to cook some very tasty thai dishes.


Chef Thong checking everything is ready for the first cookery school at Thaikhun Cambridge

Competition winner Tanya treated mum Maria to the day in the Cambridge


School about to start, just getting the house rules sorted and getting to know the others in today class

The day started with Chef Thong showing the class how to make Spring Rolls


Chefs hats optional…


Chef starts by preparing all the ingredients for the spring roll filling – some serious knife skills


Note taking before our winners take on the challenge of making Thai Spring Rolls for the first time

Then it was over to the “students” to have a try. Chef was on hand to offer extra help where needed. Tanya and her Mum got straight into preparing the ingredients for the spring roll filling.


Maria finely chopping the chicken breast ready for stir frying

IMG_6474 IMG_6477IMG_6481

Once cooked the filling needed to cool slightly before being wrapped ready for deep frying. Chef Thong then showed the group how the wrap the filling in the pastry ready for cooking


Everyone in the class really enjoyed the lesson and then had a go at the spring rolls

IMG_6478 IMG_6471 IMG_6472 IMG_6473

The results were very impressive and really tasty….

IMG_6501 IMG_6502 IMG_6521 IMG_6522


Now back to school for the main course Pad Thai…

IMG_6532 IMG_6535IMG_6534

Chef Thong demonstrates how to take the ingredients and create a fabulous Pad Thai. We had the chance to try chefs result and it was amazing. How would the students get on…

IMG_6538 IMG_6540

Fantastic result by Tanya and Maria, which left some over for a doggie bag (box). Everyone had a brilliant day and chef was very impressed with the winners of the Favourite Tables competition.


If you want to attend a future Cookery Class at Cambridge contact natalie.emery@thaikhun.co.uk for further details.

We would like to thank Thai Leisure Group for making the two tickets available for this competition and we are sure future competitions will be possible.

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Giggling Squid

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Hard to fault.  Great location.  Smart, stylish, modern decor. Welcoming staff.  Efficient service and the best Thai food to be had anywhere in Essex.


Lunch times offer “Thai tapas”, which are great value and allow for sampling several small dishes, which are ideal for sharing.  If, like me you struggle to choose from the array of tasty sounding options, they off “big plate” sets, with a  complete meal, are a good choice.  They also allow for prompt service if you need to get back to work inside an hour.

12187659_1645368902369625_5122023111725776542_n 12122604_1646468022259713_6941884620459263480_n

Although all the food is cooked on site from fresh, we’re assured.   You only have to taste it, to know.


The evening offers more extensive options.  The red curry is, in my opinion, is unsurpassed, although the signature squid dish is it’s rival.  The tempura vegetables are sweet and succulent in a light crispy batter.

ThaiTapas giggling-squid-contact





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